2022-06-09 18:04:17

Can I buy a celebrity sex doll?

Company makes celebrities into sex dolls

The company has made a name for itself in the celebrity sex doll market, with a variety of products to choose from.

Customizable options include eye color and hair color, as well as the option to wear your favorite pair of underwear.

The dolls are made from high quality materials such as TPE and silicone, which make them feel like the real thing. They also have realistic features such as freckles and dimples, making them look just like their real-life counterparts!

At 90% similarity to actual people (they say), celebrities are now able to live on forever through these lifelike dolls that bear their names or faces; you could even say it's a sort of immortality!

Part of me feels really bad for all those men who are going through this right now because I'm sure most people would rather see their partner's face every day than spend time staring at Jessica Biel’s butt while trying desperately not think about how much money they spent on said butt--but there's another part of me (the more logical side) that thinks maybe this whole thing isn't so bad after all? After all: what better way could there be for someone who grew up loving The Notebook or Michael Fassbender films?


If you're ready to go out and buy one of these life-like sex dolls right now, I'm definitely not judging! But before you do that, consider this: There are already sex dolls in the world (including life-like celebrity ones), so why not take a look at the website? It's worth checking out because just reading through all those celebrity quotes could be more of a turn-on than seeing a bunch of silicone celebrities staring back at you.

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