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Is There Something Wrong with People Who Like Tiny Sex Dolls?

Tiny sex dolls are a strange but evolving phenomenon, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon.

As you can see from the above, tiny sex dolls have been around for quite some time. They've undergone a lot of changes in their various incarnations, but one thing is certain: Tiny sex dolls aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Tiny sex dolls are here to stay—and it's time we all got used to that fact!

When it comes to tiny sex dolls, people seem to be divided into two camps: those who see them as a reasonable substitute for real women and those who see them as a creepy way of objectifying women. But no matter how you feel about the rise of these synthetic companions, one thing is certain: they're here to stay.
Many people think tiny sex dolls raise moral questions about the objectification of women.

They argue that tiny sex dolls are a step backward in the fight to dismantle harmful gender stereotypes, perpetuating unrealistic male fantasies while dehumanizing women and reducing them to objects. They also worry that men may get more comfortable with acting out degrading sexual acts because they can do so without consequence (for example, by abusing a doll instead of a real person).

Because tiny sex dolls look like humans and have realistic reactions, they can help those who have been affected by trauma or abuse become comfortable with their body again. This new intimacy can lead to healing, which is why some therapists recommend using these products as part of an individual's therapy plan.
Tiny sex dolls cost between $1,500 - $6,000 dollars, which is too expensive for many people to afford.

Most of the time, the brand and quality of sex doll you get will determine how much it costs. For example, there are many cheap sex dolls that can be bought for under $1,000 dollars but these will not last long. Some brands like RealDoll can cost up to $8,000 dollars because they are made out of high quality materials and have realistic features like eyes that blink and move when you touch them.

Some people think this price is reasonable while others think it's too expensive because they don't believe in investing so much money into something that isn't real living human being (and also a person who could be using their hard earned money on other things).

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