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How much does it cost?
Once you've entered into the realm of torso sex dolls, you might wonder how to move forward. Well, let's start with where not to go: up and down. Up refers to trying bigger torso sex dolls—the so-called Top Heavy (TG) range—and down refers to smaller ones—the Chesty (CG) range. Both are available in all shapes and sizes, but they’re not for everyone. For example, if you have a small frame or a small penis, TG sex dolls will be too large for comfort; likewise CG sex dolls will be too small for most men. With that said, there are plenty of men who do enjoy them both; it just depends on your tastes. I tend to favor CG torso sex dolls because they’re more realistic looking and easier to handle than their larger counterparts. That said, I don’t recommend buying any doll without first checking out its measurements online or at a shop before purchasing it—that way you can get an idea of what size is right for you.

What's next?
Aside from being a really fun way to spend an evening, torso sex dolls can also be incredibly educational. The first step in getting familiar with your torso sex doll is just by running your hands along her body. Start at her face, move down to her chest and hips, then wrap it up with a nice run over her legs. These tactile experiences will help you get familiar with all of your doll's sexy parts—and get you excited for future fun. Plus, any time spent getting to know what turns you on will go a long way toward helping you get off when she's involved!

Sex dolls are one of the most popular and growing sex toy categories, so much so that they're quickly outstripping other types of adult toys on both sales and popularity. Though there are many different kinds of sex dolls, one of the most popular options are torso sex dolls. The great thing about torso sex dolls is that they provide an experience similar to full-size life-sized sex dolls, but in a much more affordable way. This makes them perfect for those who want to try out a sex doll for the first time without spending too much money or being overwhelmed by the experience of a full-size sex doll

Why are torso sex dolls trending
While they haven’t traditionally been big sellers, sales of torso sex dolls have sky-rocketed in recent years. The market is being driven by Japan and China where a growing number of men are choosing them over a real partner. They want a perfect body and there really is no better alternative than silicone. In some cases, Japanese men don’t even need to buy their own – with so many on offer it’s easy for them to borrow them from friends or family when needed. It isn’t just Japan where these dolls are becoming popular though – here in Europe more people are buying them too. We can only imagine what will happen next year as VR continues to grow in popularity!


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Types of torsos available
There are several different types of torso sex dolls available, including waist-up doll and full body doll. Waist-up dolls include a upper half (torso, head, arms) that is proportionate to a smaller lower half. The bodies are fully movable and can be used in conjunction with other pieces to create all kinds of positions, both face-to-face and in all sorts of fun positions. Full bodied torsos come in just about any height you could want; you can buy male or female bodied torsos as well as different ethnicities like Asian or African American. Many people also choose these for a more realistic experience during masturbation because it feels like you’re having intercourse with an actual person—not just a robot.

Where can you buy a torso
Nowadays you can find torso sex dolls almost anywhere but some of them are incredibly realistic and will cost you a considerable amount of money. If you’re looking for something that is more affordable, just a few minutes searching online will allow you to discover lots of websites which sell torso sex dolls at prices significantly lower than their competitors. Buying a torso sex doll isn’t as simple as visiting one website and picking out a cheap product though; instead, it is much better to look through all of your options before making your decision. Try not to rush into anything, if possible try before you buy, it really does make a difference.

Where can you get custom made torsos?
Torsos are typically made out of silicone, which has been a popular choice for sex dolls for decades. Silicone is soft and pliable, but firm enough to be durable and last forever. Plus, it retains heat well -- so your torso will feel warm just like a real person. These torsos are also heavier than a blow-up doll -- they weigh around 50 pounds or more depending on how big you go -- so you'll want to make sure that whoever takes care of your toys has no problem lifting them! In terms of size, you can expect them to measure between 5'1 and 6'2, with most models coming in at right around 5'. This makes it easy to pair any outfit with one of these love dolls.

What materials are used for torsos?
Silicone, thermoplastic elastomer and vinyl. Silicone is a hypoallergenic material that feels almost like real skin. It warms up to body temperature quickly and has excellent durability — but it’s expensive. Thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE, features great elasticity and resilience as well as breathability — which means it won’t feel cold or sweaty like silicone — but has less durability than silicone. Vinyl is more durable than both silicone and TPE but isn’t porous or able to retain heat (which makes it a poor choice for torso sex doll materials). It also can be more expensive than other materials.

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What are they?
It’s a common stereotype that men are only interested in one thing, but let’s get real—even they have their needs. However, it may come as a surprise to some people that anime sex toys do exist, and they can be just as useful for women as well. In fact, many women use them alongside their partners as well. They’re also great for solo time, if you like to keep things exciting for yourself. But what exactly are anime sex toys? Well...
To put it simply, an anime sex toy is basically anything designed with erotic stimulation in mind. This could include such items as onaholes (masturbation sleeves), dakimakura (pillow covers) or yandere waifu pillows (obviously not meant for human use). Whatever your personal preference might be, there’s almost certainly something out there that suits your tastes perfectly. Some people find non-anime ones more convenient or realistic - check out our other posts on those!

Why are they popular?
There are many reasons that anime sex toys have become increasingly popular over recent years. In Japan, they are more widely accepted in society than they are in most Western countries, and it’s not uncommon to see a vibrator or dildo on sale at a department store next to other household items such as kitchen utensils or even bathroom cleaners. Because of their acceptance in Japanese culture, people don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about them. This is particularly important for women who may be uncomfortable buying something like a sex toy because of how others might react if they were to find out. With anime-themed products, there is no fear of judgment because they aren’t associated with pornography – which means that you can buy an item without feeling like you’re doing something wrong.

Is there any difference from regular sex toys?
Unlike regular sex toys, anime sex toys are specifically designed to provide entertainment. Though they’re largely bought by men, they provide pleasure for everyone in a different way. For example, when one buys a male doll with moving parts and a voice recording system, he isn’t thinking about how it will enhance his sexual experience; rather, he thinks about how much fun it will be to watch as his girlfriend interacts with him. In other words, anime sex toys aren’t just for fun; they are specifically intended to entertain during lovemaking. Thus many couples like using them together to break up some of the monotony that can set in when you've been intimate with someone for a long time.
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Where do you buy them?
Anime sex toys are still fairly new to Western markets, but they can be easily purchased online through a few different websites. If you’re curious about what exactly is on offer, here are some resources that may help your search along. Each one offers different levels of quality, so make sure to read up before you decide where to buy from. Toy Demon - This site has a large selection of anime-inspired toys and is perhaps one of the best sites for all things related to tentacle rape. You’ll find everything from dildos to vibrators that might or might not cause seizures.

Do people use them as cosplay props?
Ah, sex toys. When it comes to anime fandom, you’d be surprised at how many women think they’re used solely for men to masturbate with and how many men think they’re exclusively for women. Actually, most sex toys are designed so people can share them; vibrators don’t have to be limited to clitoral stimulation!

What about online videos featuring these new sex tools?If a picture is worth a thousand words, then just imagine what moving pictures are worth. Today’s ever-changing digital landscape offers endless ways to learn about products and companies. Instead of telling potential customers that their product or company exists, many consumers now turn to online videos for information. These short clips, both serious and comical in nature, can be found across social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, but they are often tucked away in their own little corners. And because video content remains so fragmented across platforms today—with each platform claiming only a small piece of your audience—one video isn’t enough to establish your brand’s identity on any given site.
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Why spend $1,000 on a sex doll when you can spend $10,000?

The full-body sex doll is most expensive, with a price range that can reach into the thousands.

Half-body sex dolls, like the now-famous "Harmony" robot, cost less than full-bodied models, but still run in the thousands.

A half-body sex doll, like the now-famous "Harmony" robot, costs less than a full-bodied model but still runs in the thousands of dollars. The Harmony is about 4 feet tall and $15,000.

The cost of full-sized sex dolls can vary wildly depending on what you’re looking for. A basic body can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 while a custom made one that has all sorts of features—like being able to eat or drink through its mouth or urinate—can cost tens of thousands more!

Miniature sex dolls are an affordable option for many people.

Before you buy a sex doll, make sure you understand where it's being shipped from, what kind of customs costs you may incur as well as shipping costs.

Where is my sex doll being shipped from? Some companies are based in the US while others are based overseas. If your sex doll is coming from overseas, there will be additional customs fees to pay when it arrives at your door step. You should also be aware of which countries have laws prohibiting or limiting the importation of these products before making a purchase. For example, Canada has currently banned sex dolls even if they meet all requirements under their consumer product safety regulations because they're considered "obscene" by some people in power here who are not open-minded about things like this yet so far away from seeing one themselves (if ever). This means that anyone ordering one online might get hit with an "obscenity fine" upon receiving their order which could cost upwards of $200 depending on what province they live in! But don't worry too much about these costs because most retailers will include them within their total price tag upfront so all customers need do before buying any type(s) available to them would simply check out normally without having any extra charges added onto their bill after checkout finishes processing successfully without any problems whatsoever."

There are many affordable options for those who want to purchase a sex doll, but the best quality models will be expensive.

There are many affordable options for those who want to purchase a sex doll, but the best quality models will be expensive. To get a feel for what kind of budget you should be aiming for, we've broken down the average price range by different factors below:

Budget - If you're on a tight budget and don't mind compromising on quality a little bit, there are plenty of affordable options available that cost between $100-$300. These lower-end dolls will have less realistic features, such as more exaggerated proportions and limited customization options.

Mid Range - If you're looking for something between $500-$1,000, you can expect to find higher-quality sex dolls with greater features and variety in styles (e.g., hair color). This range also includes popular brands like Real Doll and Orient Industry's WM Doll series with prices ranging from around $600-$1,200 USD depending on size/style/features desired (see above chart).


As you can see, the price of these dolls varies widely, depending on what you're looking for. For those who are just curious about sex dolls, a mini doll is affordable and will allow them to explore their desires without committing to a large purchase. Those who want an advanced robot that can simulate human responses may be willing to pay thousands of dollars to fulfill their fantasies.


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The price of sex dolls will increase by 5-15% every year.

The cost of raw materials and logistics for the production of a sex doll, which represent about 50% of the total manufacturing cost, will increase by 5-15% every year. The price of raw materials includes silicone and metal, as well as other components such as plastic injection molding tools and molds.

The second most important factor affecting the price is the cost of body mold making, head mold making and shipping. The body mold making process takes about 10 days to complete. It involves creating silicone molds for both male or female parts based on 3D computer models; each part costs around $100-$200 to produce. The head mold making process is even more challenging because it requires a high level of manual skills to create realistic facial features before they are replicated in silicone rubber with great accuracy; each part costs between $300-$400 just for this step alone! Shipping costs can also vary widely; depending on what company you choose there may be additional fees due to customs regulations (e.g., duties).

The cost of raw materials used to manufacture sex dolls is increasing every year.

The price of raw materials used to manufacture sex dolls is increasing every year. The cost of silicone, TPE, TPR, PVC and ABS are all rising. This is a sign that competition in the sex doll industry is fierce.

The most competitive manufacturers will be those who can deliver products with the highest quality at an affordable price—and they need to do so while still turning a profit!

The cost of logistics is increasing every year.

The cost of logistics is increasing every year. In order to reduce logistics costs, many manufacturers choose to produce sex dolls in China. Sex dolls are shipped by sea or air freight, which is more expensive than road freight. Therefore, it is necessary to balance the price with high quality and service in order to win customers' hearts and minds.

Cost of body mold making

The cost of the body mold is a major cost for the sex doll manufacturer, and you need to consider it when making your purchase. The price will vary depending on where you are located in the world and what company you choose to make it.

China: $1,000 - $2,000 USD

America: $2,000 - $5,000 USD (depending on size)

Europe: €1,600 - €3,500 EURO ($2,400 - $4200 USD)

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Company makes celebrities into sex dolls

The company has made a name for itself in the celebrity sex doll market, with a variety of products to choose from.

Customizable options include eye color and hair color, as well as the option to wear your favorite pair of underwear.

The dolls are made from high quality materials such as TPE and silicone, which make them feel like the real thing. They also have realistic features such as freckles and dimples, making them look just like their real-life counterparts!

At 90% similarity to actual people (they say), celebrities are now able to live on forever through these lifelike dolls that bear their names or faces; you could even say it's a sort of immortality!

Part of me feels really bad for all those men who are going through this right now because I'm sure most people would rather see their partner's face every day than spend time staring at Jessica Biel’s butt while trying desperately not think about how much money they spent on said butt--but there's another part of me (the more logical side) that thinks maybe this whole thing isn't so bad after all? After all: what better way could there be for someone who grew up loving The Notebook or Michael Fassbender films?


If you're ready to go out and buy one of these life-like sex dolls right now, I'm definitely not judging! But before you do that, consider this: There are already sex dolls in the world (including life-like celebrity ones), so why not take a look at the website? It's worth checking out because just reading through all those celebrity quotes could be more of a turn-on than seeing a bunch of silicone celebrities staring back at you.
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hello every
Here I will introduce you to some knowledge about sex dolls

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